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11 Jan

Asanga & Vasubandhu
Both were half brothers and proponents ofYogachara and Abhidhamma They were from modern Peshawar area in Pakistan Most important work of Vasubandhu was Abhidharmamoksha
Buddhaghosa lived the 5th century AD and is known to be one of the greatest Pali scholar His name means “Voice of

Buddha” Considered to be most important commentator of the Theravada
He is said to have gone to Sri Lanka from India’s Magadha and settled in Anuradhapura The most important work is Visuddhimagga
Dignāga or Dinnaga
He is considered to be the founder of Buddhist logic
Candrakīrti or Chandrakirti
He was a disciple of Nagarjuna and a scholar at the Nalanda University Prasannapadā is his main work which means happy words or clear words
Dharmakirti lived in 7th century AD and was primary theorist of Buddhist Sankya He was a teacher at the Nalanda University and a poet He has written Seven Treatises on Valid Cognition He has been called “Kant of India’

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