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11 Jan

Fifth Buddhist Council: 1871
Fifth Buddhist Council took place in 1871 under the patronage of King Mindon in Mandalay, Burma It was presided by Jagarabhivamsa, Narindabhidhaja, and Sumangalasami The idea was to recite all the teachings of the Buddha and examine them systematically if any of them was dropped or altered
Sixth Buddhist Council : 1954
The Sixth Buddhist Council was held in 1954 in Burma at Kaba Aye, in Yangoon under the patronage of Burmese Government led byPrime Minister U Nu Construction of Maha Passana Guha, which is very much similar to India’s Sattapanni Cave where the first Buddhist Council had been held, was authorized by the government
It was aimed to preserve the genuine Dhamma and Vinaya Pitaka It held under the presidency of Mahasi Sayadaw

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