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11 Jan

Buddhist Councils

Buddhist Councils
Six Buddhist councils have been convened Here is a short description:
First Buddhist Council: 400 BC
Held soon after the mahaparinirvana of the Buddha, around 400 BC under the patronage of king Ajatshatru with the monk Mahakasyapa presiding, at Rajgriha, in tfte Sattapani Cave
The idea was to preserve Buddha’s teachings (Sutta) and rules for disciples (Vinaya) Ananda, one of the great disciples of Buddha recited Suttas and Upali, another disciple recited Vinaya Abhidhamma Pitaka was also included
Second Buddhist Council : 383 BC
It was held in 383 BC This idea of this council was to settle a dispute on Vinaya Pitaka, the code of discipline The dispute was on 10 Points such as storing salt in horn, eating after midday, eating once and going to villages for alms, eating sour milk after one’s meal etc It was not settles and Buddhism sects appeared for the first time The subgroups were Sthaviravada, Mahasanghika and Sarvastivada It was held at Vaishali under the patronage of King Kalasoka and the presidency of Sabakami
Sthaviravada followed the teachings of the elders and Mahasanghika became extinct later Sthaviravada later continued till 3rd Buddhist council

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