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11 Jan

Buddha Charita

Buddha Charita
Buddha Charita is an epic style Sanskrit work by Ashavaghosa and was compiled in second century BC
Mahāvibhāsa Śāstra
Its a Sanskrit compendium by Vasumitra, dealing with Buddhism, Vaisheshika and Samkya philosophies
Lalitvistara is a Sanskrit text that deals with the biography of Buddha
Divyavadana {divine tales} has anthology in the form of Sanskrit Stories dealing with Maurya and Sunga history One story in it titled Asokavadana deals with the legends of Asoka
Udanavarga is an early Buddhist sanskrit text It has verses attributed to Buddha and his disciples
Udana is a Pali text with the Sutta Pitaka It also contains the story of “Blind men and Elephant”
Bodhi Vamsa
Bodhi Vamsa is a mix Sanskrit Pali text which describes the arrival of branch of Bodhi tree in Sri Lanka and many other things which mentioned in Mahavamsa

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