Faculty Members:

A team of highly experienced faculty devotes itself to research and analysis so as to understand clearly the subject matter of the General Studies and the Optional Subject in a systematic manner, capacity to write a long analytical and imaginative essay in an impressive style, formulate and present the answer in the most direct logical, constructive and analytical manner. Our well trained and experienced faculty members drawn from different universities and Institutions are imparting their knowledge tricks and techniques to the students. They all are very much punctual and committed to their students. They not only, simply teach the subjects in the class-room to students but entertain their queries apart from the classes. Teachers promote and develop the administrative traits within the students ‘personality’ so that they can cross the hurdle of civil services examination.

Teaching Methodology:

We SA IAS ACADEMY give attention on participatory and interactive learning. In addition our latest technology and up-to-date pedagogic methods are used to give our students a competitive edge over others. We believe without test and discussion, teaching is useless. So at SA IAS ACADEMY fortnightly test is compulsory, set of study material also be provided by the academy to supplement the teaching.

Test & Discussion:

  • Test shall be held at regular (fortnightly) intervals
  • Surprise test can be held any time / any day
  • A series of test shall be held only after the course completed.
  • MOCK-TEST shall be held every year (for Prelims) & (for mains)


Integrated Teaching Approach:

The Standardized Education Delivery methodology at SA IAS ACADEMY ensures perfect and consistent coaching by our faculty members. The teaching methodology is so unique and holistic that it generates not only excellent classroom discussions but also insightful study material. Each and every lecture is planned to make sure that the content delivered is standard, complete and finished in stipulated time. Every effort is made to make the concepts crystal clear to the student.

Well Qualified Faculty:

SA IAS ACADEMY has a vast pool of talented and highly qualified teachers recruited from Central Universities of INDIA. The basic structure of SA IAS ACADEMY is firmly built on a highly professional faculty team comprising of a perfect blend of academicians and subject experts. The notable qualifications and vast experience of the faculty members help to make complex problems easy for students. SA IAS ACADEMY attracts the best talent in the industry for all subjects from every nook and corner of the country.

Doubt Clearance:

The students at SA IAS ACADEMY find the doubt clearing system quite helpful. During doubt clearing hours, students can ask any doubt on any topic from the respective subject teachers in allotted rooms.

Tests and Assignments:

SA IAS ACADEMY Assignments give you a remarkable edge over others. The students are supposed to try the set of problems given at the end of every topic on their own without the support of the teachers. This happens on a routine basis. SA IAS ACADEMY Assignments ensure that the students concentrate on two of the most important factors necessary to crack the toughest exams that are subject knowledge and a regular practice of the subject with a clearcut objective of time management and minimizing errors as the studies progress. Our assignments are well known for improving concepts, reducing errors, enhancing concentration, boosting test scores and above all ensuring selection in the Entrance Exams.

Motivational Sessions:

SA IAS ACADEMY conducts motivational classes from time to time to inspire students to make them a winner. Comprehensive Study Material Meticulous, relevant and original Study Material and Test Papers are prepared based on the latest pattern of exams designed by the expert faculty at SA IAS ACADEMY.

Daily Attendance

Monitoring You can now track daily/lecture wise attendance, send daily/monthly attendance alerts to absentees.