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11 Jan

Two Most Important Questions focused by Buddha

Two Most Important Questions focused by Buddha
Gautama Buddha is known to have concentrated on two most important questions about existence These were (1) How can we minimize suffering-both our own and that of others? and (2) How can we attain inner peace?
Buddha’s analogy to a Great Physician
In the Buddhist tradition, the Buddha is often compared to a great physician, and his teachings are compared to medicine The teachings on the four noble truths in particular are related to a medical diagnosis, as follows:
Dukkha: identifying the illness and the nature of the illness (the diagnosis)
Dukkha Samudaya: identifying the causes of the illness (the etiology)
Dukkha Nirodha: identifying a cure for the illness (the prognosis)
Magga: recommending a treatment for the illness that can bring about a cure (the prescription)

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