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31 Jan

Composition and Structure of the Earth’s Atmosphere

What is atmosphere? We all know that earth is a unique planet due to the presence of life. The air is one among the necessary conditions for the existence of life on this planet. The air is a mixture of several gases and it encompasses the earth from all sides. The air surrounding the earth is called the atmosphere.

  • ➢ Atmosphere is the air surrounding the earth.
  • ➢ The atmosphere is a mixture of different gases. It contains life-giving gases like Oxygen for humans and animals and carbon dioxide for plants.
  • ➢ It envelops the earth all round and is held in place by the gravity of the earth. It helps in stopping the ultraviolet rays harmful to the life and maintains the suitable temperature necessary for life.
  • ➢ Generally, atmosphere extends up to about 1600 km from the earth’s surface. However, 99 % of the total mass of the atmosphere is confined to the height of 32 km from the earth’s surface.


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