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31 Jan

Earth’s Crust: Elements, Minerals and Rocks

In the previous article in geography section, we have discussed in detail about the interior of the earth. We have seen different layers like crust, core, and mantle. The Crust – even though very thin – as being the outer part of the lithosphere, is very significant. In this article, we focus on how to learn fast the composition of the earth’s crust – i.e, different elements, minerals, and rocks

Elements in the Earth’s Crust

  • ➢ The earth is composed of various kinds of elements.
  • ➢ About 98% of the total crust is made up of eight elements as oxygen, silicon, aluminium, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.
  • ➢ The rest is constituted by elements like titanium, hydrogen, phosphorous, manganese, sulphur, carbon, nickel and others.
  • ➢ The elements in the earth’s crust are rarely found exclusive but are usually combined with other elements to make various substances.
  • ➢ These substances are recognized as minerals.
  • ➢ The table below shows the percentage wise share of each element in both the earth’s crust and the whole earth.


For More Details About Earth’s Crust: Elements, Minerals and Rocks refer PDF..!


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