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16 Feb


No. of Questions : 10

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This test will deal with possible questions of constituent assembly.
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1. When the Constituent Assembly for the Dominion of India reassembled on 31 st October, 1947, its reduced membership was:


2. The Constitution of India was enacted by a Constituent Assembly set up


3. How long did the Constituent Assembly take to finally pass the Constitution?


4. The Constituent Assembly arrived at decisions on the various provisions of the Constitution


5. The Constituent Assembly for undivided India first met on


6. The Cabinet Mission to India was headed by:


7. Who presided over the inaugural meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India?


8. The Constituent Assembly which framed the Constitution for Independent India was set up in


9. Who among the following was the Constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly of India?


10. The Constitution of India was adopted by the


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