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22 Feb


No. of Questions : 10

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1. Which city’s green tea and white tea received the Geographical Indication (GI) product tag on November 16, 2019 ?


2. Which word was declared as the “Word of the year for 2019” by Oxford Dictionaries ?


3. What is the range of the K-4 nuclear-capable submarine-launched ballistic missile which was test-fired by DRDO?


4. Which country conferred its highest civilian award to our Prime Minister recently?


5. Name the 1st /inaugural edition of the joint bilateral maritime exercise that held between the Qatar and India .


6. The Majuli Island was recently declared as the Largest River Island in the World by Guinness World Records. This Island is located in the river


7. Shiv Bhojan provides a meal to the poor for just


8. Where was the first Global Bio-India Summit for the year 2019 held ?


9. Name the first country in the world that launched new Typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) approved by World Health Organization (WHO).


10. The World’s first White Tiger Safari has been opened for public in


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