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01 May


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Single citizenship in india has been taken from which country?


Founder of sikhism Guru Nanak Dev is also known as______


__________govt. has launched an e-certificate portal and ePAUTI App.


On January 2, 2020, Prakash Parv was celebrated as birth anniversary of which Sikh Guru?


In which year, parliament passed the Citizenship Act?


Match the Following: 

  1. uncut hair            –  A. Kangha
  2. iron bracelet        –  B. Kirpan
  3. wooden comb      –  C. Kesh
  4. iron dagger           – D. kara

What is the estimated cost of the new Chandrayaan – 3 project, as per the announcement of ISRO?


Which are the conditions for acquiring Indian Citizenship?


Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) is located at________


Dhanu Jatra festival, the famous 11-day long open-air theater festival begins s at _________ in western Odisha


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