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20 Sep

Daily Quiz 27 TNPSC



    National Development Council was set up in:

(a)   1948

(b)   1950

(c)    1951

(d)    1952



     Economic Planning is a subject: [Asstt Grade 1991]

  • in the Union List
  • in the State List
  • in the Concurrent List
  • unspecified in any special list


   For internal financing of Five Year Plans, the government depends on: [NDA 1991]

  • taxation only
  • taxation and public borrowing
  • public borrowing and deficit financing
  • taxation, public borrowing and deficit financing


   The National Development Council gets its administrative support from:

  • Planning Commission
  • Finance Commission
  • Administrative Reforms Commission
  • Sarkaria Commission


      The Five Year Plans of India intend to develop the country industrially through: [NDA 1991]

  • the public sector
  • the private sector
  • the public, private, joint and Cooperative sectors
  • increasing collaboration with non-resident Indians


   The Planning Commission is : [UP PCS 1994]

  • a Ministry
  • a Government department
  • an Advisory body
  • an Autonomous Corporation


     Which of the following statements is correct? [AAO 1993]

  • Planning Commission is a constitutional body
  • The Prime Minister is the Chairman of the Planning Commission
  • The Minister of Planning is always necessarily the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission
  • The draft plan is prepared by the National Development Council


   The principal reason why national economic planning is still being pursued inspite of embracing a market economy since 1991 is that: [IAS 1994]

  • the vast quantity of capital already deployed in the public sector needs to be nurtured
  • the market economy is mainly confined to industry and commerce and central planning in agriculture is necessary
  • it is a constitutional requirement
  • Five Year Plans can continue to provide a long-term perspective to the economy in market friendly fashions


   ‘Take off stage’ in an economy means: [CBI 1990]

  • steady growth begins
  • economy is stagnant
  • economy is about to collapse
  • all controls are removed


    Planning in India derives its objectives from:

  • Fundamental Rights
  • Directive Principles of State policy
  • Fundamental Duties
  • Preamble

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