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30 Oct

Gati Shakti: Connecting the silos

Gati Shakti: Connecting the silos


Gati Shakti National Master Plan seeks to enhance multi-modal linkages, increase competitiveness and provide a linked platform for rolling out various infrastructure projects as part of a grand master plan.

It is a platform based on geographic information system or GIS that will connect all economic zones and clusters in the country.

The platform has been developed by the Bhaskaracharya National Institute for Space Applications and Geoinformatics (BISAG-Gandhinagar-based autonomous scientific society under Meity).

Network Planning Group (NPG) will have the responsibility of ensuring proper functioning of the platform and providing user assistance.

What are the key benefits of PM Gati Shakti?

Breaks the silo culture: Typically, each ministry or department rolls out its own plans and programmes irrespective of the linkages with others. Gati Shakti ensures that different ministries are working in sync with each other.

Integrative approach: It forces an integrative approach. To achieve synchronisation and compatibility it now mandates all state entities to compulsorily enter their planned projects into the Gati Shakti platform. For this purpose, a fresh administrative architecture has been created alongside

Optimum use of finances: It ensures optimum use of available finances. Currently, there are no inter-linkages by which the Ministry of Finance provides sanctions and resources. Standalone projects get cleared because of their own perceived viability. Henceforth, clearance by Network Planning Group (NPG) is expected to be the key determinant for considering sanction.

What are the challenges involved?

Team-work: Ministries and government departments are notorious for being inward-looking and holding on to their turf. Clever ways be found to beat the system and bypass the integrative requirements.

States participation: Without this the integration at the Central level may be sub-optimal.

Technology: Will the technology deliver in practical terms to configure and review projects, and will the platform indeed be the wonder-tool it is expected to be?

Administrative framework: Each economic cluster should have dedicated development commissioners instead of district magistrates and collectors with many other diverse responsibilities.

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