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25 Nov

Neglect During Early Childhood

Neglect During Early Childhood
The neglect of girl child starts at very early stage. The extent of neglect varies from family to family depending on their economic position. But in comparison her male counterpart a female child is relatively neglected in most of the socioeconomic strata. Throughout the country it has been noticed that when the girl child depends on breast feeding the chances of her survival are relatively more.Data from various sources shows that from infancy till the age of fifteen the death rate far exceeds the mortality rate of male child.
There are several causes underlying this. Firstly, the female children are-breast fed for a far shorter period than their male counterparts. Secondly, during illness parents show a greater concern towards male children. This neglect is quite often enforced by poor economic condition. Finally, in addition to the intake of insufficient and non-nutritious food the female child is exposed to a greater workload very early in life.
Often in families of weaker economic strength the girl child is found attending the household chores as well as taking care of her younger brothers and sisters.
Death during Child birth
Early marriages expose women to longer child bearing period. This means greater health hazards to women and children. Several studies show that teenaged mothers’ risk to health for both themselves and their children. This risk is further enhanced by poor nutrition. Various surveys indicate that women’s caloric content is about 100 calories (per women per day) less than they expend, whereas men show an 800 caloric surplus intake.
Women expend a great deal of energy working inside and outside the house, whereas they often have insufficient food. Customarily they often eat after the men and other members of the family have eaten. This is especially true in joint families in both urban and rural areas.
This results in complications due to incorrect methods of delivery. Besides these, lack of knowledge and improper care during post natal period and frequent pregnancies lead to larger foetal wastage, birth of larger number of low weight babies and death of young women.

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