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25 Nov

Social Issues faced by Women

Social Issues faced by Women
Women’s organisations helped in spurting up interest in women’s studies. The interest in women’s studies spurted during the 1960s in the West, with the emergence of broad heterogeneous women’s protest movements. In India, the area of women studies emerged in 1980s. It was in the seventies that, after the United Nations General Assembly Declaration of the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (1967) and the subsequent UN request to its member states to submit report on the status of women in their countries, the Committee on the Status of Women in India (CSWI) was set up.
Again in response to the U.N. Call for Action and on the basis of the findings of the CSWI report, the Government of India has drawn up a Draft National Plan of Action for Women. The Plan accords priority to the need of purposive research in “education, health, welfare and employment of women with special emphasis to the weaker section of women whose conditions have most adversely affected the process of social change”.
The ICSSR has recognised the status of women as the priority area of research. The University Grant Commission (UGC) has also opened Women’s Studies Centres in some Universities all over the country. Besides the ICSSR and UGC, various research organisations and Universities, like Centre for Women’s Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, SNDT University have also taken women issues as the focal point of their study.
In India a large body of literature has emerged on women studies since the 1980s. These have covered various aspects including their social status.

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