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26 Nov

Shahada Movement:

Shahada Movement:
Shahada is a Bhil adivasi settlement in Maharashtra. Many young Sarvodya workers started the Shramik Sangathan to help the adivasis suffering due to drought and famine. These organizations took a more militant approach, initiated land-grab, demanded minimum wages and held women shivirs (camps).
Women played active role in mobilizing the masses. As militancy developed in the movement, women- issues also began to be raised along with the wider issues. Women applied their consciousness to the question of their oppression on the basis of gender.
The movement shortly led to the anti-alcohol, because many men after getting drunk beat their wives. Women shivirs were organized to discuss and help each other to eradicate this evil which is one of the main causes of their oppression. The Shahada movement started as a protest movement against landlords turned into a movement against the sale and consumption of alcohol and attack on wifebeaters. It was an indirect protest against violence in the family, which had so far been held as a private matter of the family. Shahada movement, in a way, challenged some aspects of patriarchy

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