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06 Dec

Counter magnets

Counter magnets
Counter-magnet towns are identified as those that can be developed as alternative centres of growth and attract migrants to them rather than Delhi. Promoting growth of counter magnet towns are the principal components of the strategy to reduce both migration and population explosion in the Delhi metropolitan area.
These towns are located in six states-Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab, in addition to Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan, which are already part of the national capital region.
The criteria for selecting counter magnet towns are:

  1. They should not be within approximately 250 kilometres from Delhi
  2. Should have their own established roots and potential of growth.
  3. Should not be centres of either religious, strategic or environmental importance.
    These are
    Haryana state
    Hisar, 160 km
    Ambala, 200 km
    . Gwalior, 320 km
    Punjab state
    Patiala, 230 km
    Rajasthan state
    Madhya Pradesh state
    • Kota, 525 km
    Uttar Pradesh state
    Kanpur, 260 km
    Moradabad, 160 km
    Aligarh, 158 km
    • Uttarakhand state
    Dehradun, 240 km

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