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07 Dec

Politico-administrative Basis:

Politico-administrative Basis:
The politico-administrative basis of regionalism is also important but politics as such does not create regionalism. It only accentuates regionalism. Politicians take advantage of the situation of regional discontentment and unrest.
They convert it into movements for strengthening their individual and factional support bases. It is a known fact that fighting within Congress gave rise to Telangana agitation. Shiv Sena was able to flourish in Maharashtra because of the support of Congress bosses.
Regional political parties like DMK (Tamil Nadu), Akali Dal (Punjab) and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (Jharkhand) are surviving because of regional sentiments. Border disputes like the one between Maharashtra and Kamataka is also based on regional sentiments.
Another important fact of politics of regionalism is the real or assumed charges of political discrimination among various regions by the central ruling elite.

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