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08 Dec

Presence of Communal Parties:

Presence of Communal Parties:
Religion in India has become an important agency of political socialization and it is also reflected in the ideology of a number of political parties. A number of communal and sectarian political parties and organisations are present in India. Muslim League, Jamaat-Islami, Hindu Mahasabha, Akali Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad are directly or indirectly responsible for the emergence of communalism.
The so called secular political parties also enter into alliance with communal forces for electoral benefit. Candidates are selected by different political parties taking into account the communal composition of the constituency.
Some political leaders preach communalism to attain their immediate political goal. They have become leaders and continue to remain as such only due to the adoption of communal and sectarian interest. When political leaders and their organisations are not away from communalism, obviously this spirit will be promoted in the society.

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