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10 Dec

Ways to eradicate Communalism

Ways to eradicate Communalism: Communalism can be lessened between different religious groups through taking some measures.

  1. Ban on Communal Parties: All the political parties which prosper on religious loyalties should be banned or abolished by the government. Even non-political cultural organizations should always be kept under constant watch so that they cannot expound communalism.
  2. Spread of the Past Heritage: Feelings of patriotism should be taught to the people by reminding them about the wonderful moments of history in Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs who were united for the wellbeing of the nation.
  3. Public Opinion: Mass media must play imperative role to generate awareness about harmony between different communities and make efforts to change the attitude of people towards other communities. People must be aware of the dangerous consequences of communalism.
    Both the Government and people should create mindfulness to eradicate communal tension and clash

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