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13 Dec

Tools of Upper Palaeolithic Era
The tools of Upper Palaeolithic Era are further refined upon the lower and middle periods and show a marked regional diversity with respect to the refinement of techniques and standardization of finished tool forms Man also used prototypes of traps, snares and nets during the upper Palaeolithic times The advancement in tools is evident from bores in stones, grinding slabs etc The bored stones are still used by fishermen as net sinkers in riverine fishing and marine fishing The use of grinding stones might have been for processing plant foods such as wild rice
Another important discovery of upper Palaeolithic period was of rubble built in circular form Further, the upper Palaeolithic settlements also show a distinct trend Of being associated with permanent sources of waters
The earliest form of art by humans also belongs to upper Palaeolithic period in the form of rock paintings
The Upper Palaeolithic period has recorded a rich panorama of fossils in the peninsular rivers of India One important discovery is of the ostrich egg shells at over 40 sites in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, which shows that ostrich, a bird adapted to arid climate, was widely distributed in western India during the later part of the upper Pleistocene

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