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13 Dec

Middle Palaeolithic Period

Acheulian culture
Acheulian culture was named after the French site of St Acheul, which wasfirst effective colonization of the Indian subcontinent and is almost synonymous with the lower Palaeolithic settlements in India
Most of the sites in India including those in peninsular India, Deccan, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, East and North East have been categorized in Acheulian culture
Middle Palaeolithic Period
The lower Paleolithic cultures slowly transformed into the middle Palaeolithic by shedding some of the tool types; and by incorporating new forms and new techniques of making them In comparison to the lower Palaeolithic era, the tools in middle Palaeolithic became smaller, thinner and lighter Due to this, middle Palaeolithic period is also known as Flake took industry
Further, there was also a significant change in the choice of raw material for making tools While quartzite, quartz and basalt continued to be used, in many areas they were replaced or supplemented by fine-grained siliceous rocks like chert and jasper
Important Middle Palaeolithic Sites in India included Luni valley, around Didwana, Budha Pushkar in Rajasthan; Valleys of the Belan, Son river, Narmada river and their tributaries in central India {including Bhimbetka} and some sparse sites in Chota Nagpur plateau, Deccan plateau and Eastern Ghats

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