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14 Dec

Other Important Neolithic Sites

Other Important Neolithic Sites
In Kashmir valley, Burzahom (meaning place of birth) and Gufkral (meaning cave of the potter) are important Neolithic / Chalcolithic sites
In Uttar Pradesh, Belan valley is a Neolithic site known as earliest rice-farming community in India
Chalcolithic Period
Use of metals along with stones began with the Chalcolithic or Eneolithic period with abundant use of Copper The economy of this period was based upon agriculture, stock raising, hunting and fishing The earliest settlements of the Chalcolithic period in India range from the Gangetic basin to Chhotanagpur Plateau
Salient Features
The use of painted pottery is a hall mark of the Chalcolithic period Chalcolithic pottery ranges from red ware, deep red ware to deep brown and black, pictographic red and black and polished red
The burial practice was another striking feature and the dead were buried in a particular direction all over a particular area In Kashmir, the people of Neolithic settlements used to bury dogs with their masters
The largest site of the Chalcolithic period is Diamabad situated on the left bank of the Pravara River
Some Chalcolithic Cultures
Ahara Culture:The sites of Ahar Culture were Aahar (Rajasthan), Balathal, Gilund etc The distinctive feature is black and red ware
Kayatha Culture:Located in Chambal and its tributaries, the sturdy red slipped ware with chocolate designs is main feature
Malwa Culture:Narmada & its tributaries in Gujarat One of the largest Chalcolithic settlements
Svalda Culture:The well-known sites are in Dhulia district of Maharashtra
Prabhas & Rangpur Culture:Both of them are derived from the Harappa culture The polished red ware is the hall mark of this culture

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