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16 Dec

Indus Valley: Critical Analyses

Indus Valley: Critical Analyses
Comparison of Indus Valley and Mesopotamian Civilization
Both Indus Valley and Mesopotamia are oldest civilizations of the world Both traded with each other The key comparisons of Indus Valley and Mesopotamian civilization are as follows:
While theory of Kingship or a ruler class has not been proved for Indus Valley, the Mesopotamians were ruled by a priest King, who was considered to be divine That King solved disputes, led administration and had an army too
While no special places of worship have been found in Indus Valley, it is assumed that these people worshipped nature However, presence of different religious objects such as seals, statues etc indicate that Indus Valley might be having a polytheistic religion In Mesopotamia also, polytheism was present but the Mesopotamians also built temple for worship
The Harappan society seems to be a matriarchal society, evident from so many statues of female deities On the other hand, Mesopotamia across its history became more and more a patriarchal society, one in which the men were far more powerful than the women

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