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16 Dec

Life at Indus Valley Civilization…

On a seal is depicted a six-rayed motif which may signify the sun Swastiks and cross signs were harbingers of good luck A shell inlay, shaped like a heart, was probably used as a Talisman
Both veg and nonveg life There are evidences of cultivation ofWheat, Barley, Rice, Date, melon, lemon etc people were cattle herders and used milk and milk products There are evidences that people made sweets Half burnt bones give evidence of nonveg life
A figure of a bearded man has been found in Mohenjo-Daro which indicated that they used sewn clothing’s The cloth used to cover the torso in the upper part of the body in such as way that it kept right hand Free There are evidences that they people took interest in cosmetics and had great aesthetic sense Men kept long hair and kept bread or also shaven beard
The people of Indus valley civilization were aware of Bronze mirrors, Ivory Combs, antimony rods but NOT hair dyes

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