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17 Dec

Aryans: Original Home Controversy

Aryans: Original Home Controversy
The question of origin of Aryans has been not only a fascinating story but also a matter of controversy The Aryan migration theory says that the groups of nomadic tribal people from regions outside Indian sub-continent started migrating towards India around 1700 BC These people are called Rig-Vedic Aryans because they brought with them the earliest portion of collection of hymns as Rig- Veda These people mixed with the non-Aryans and a new society was born with mix Aryan and Non-Aryan cultural elements; and eventually Aryan elements increasing occupying a central place
Because of absence of written / archaeological evidences on Aryan migration the scholars have depended on comparative philology mainly to make these postulations
However, there are three particular questions with this First – What was the original home of Aryans? Second – If Aryans were outsiders, then who were original inhabitants of India, and what happened to them when Aryans came? Third – Is there any conspiracy behind foreign origin of Aryans to divide the Indian society? The second and third questions have been particularly raised by the revisionists who deny the very non-Indian origin of Aryans
Original home of Aryans
The various scholars and their suggested original homes are as follows:
Max Muller – Central Asia
Swami Dayanand Saraswati –Tibet
Mayor – Pamir Plateau
Hurz Feld – Turkistan J C Rod – Bactria
Lokmanya Tilak – Arctic region

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