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20 Dec

Important Trivia on Upanishads

This Upanishad deals with the Para Vidya and Apara Vidya The Para Vidya is knowledge that leads to Self Realization, Apara Vidya deals with everything else or the material knowledge
Mundaka Upanishad
Mundaka Upanishad is notable as the source of the phrase Satyameva jayate (316)
Mandukya is the Shortest Upanishad It contains twelve verses expounding the mystic syllable Aum, the three psychological states of waking, dreaming and sleeping, and the transcendent fourth state of illumination
Six pupils interested in knowing divinity or Brahman come to sage Pippalada and requests him to clarify their spiritual doubts Therefore, this Upnishad is in Question Answer format
Important Notes on Smriti Literature

Vedangas are six auxiliary disciplines associated with the study and understanding of the Vedas They are as follows:
Shiksha (Phonetics)
Its aim is the teaching of thecorrect pronunciation of the Vedic hymns and mantras The oldest phonetic textbooks are the Pratishakyas (prātiśākhya), describing pronunciation, intonation of Sanskrit, as well as the Sanskrit rules of sandhi (word combination), specific to individual schools or Shakhas of the Vedas

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