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20 Dec


Trantras Agamas
Tantra literature is considered to be first spoken by Lord Shiva to his consort Parvati The Tantra has three divisions viz Agama, Yamala and Tantra Tantra is also a function of diety worshipped and has three parts viz saiva, vaishnava and shakta The ancient texts list total 64 Tantras
Agamas are part of all the main religions of India viz Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Folk religions In context with Hinduism, Agama refers to a collection of ideas pertaining to matters like construction of temples, idol creation and conduct of worship of the Deity
Dharma Sastras
The four dharma sutra collectively make the Dharamashashtras of Smriti Literature These include Dharma sutras {guidelines to live a Dharmic life}, Grhya sutras {guidelines for family life}, Srauta sutras {guidelines for performing rituals} and Sulba sutras {mathematical principles for construction of various altars}

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