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05 Jan

Crafts and Metallurgy

Crafts and Metallurgy
All kinds of crafts were practiced There were potters, Chariot makers, carpenters, and weaver and leather workers The metal work was known as follows:
Copper was known as “Ayas”
Gold was known as Hiranya
Iron was also known as was known as Shyama or Krishna Ayas
There were no places of worship like temples There are no indications in the Rig-Veda of any “temples reared by mortal hands” and consecrated as places of worship On the contrary, every householder, every patriarch of his family, lighted the sacrificial fire in his own home and poured libations of the Soma juice and prayed to the gods for happiness to his family, for abundant crops and wealth and cattle, for immunity from sickness, and for victory over the black aborigines Natural phenomena were conceived as the expression of some spiritual different appearances of various gods

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