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05 Jan

House holding

House holding
The Griha sutra prescribes a code of conduct, which gives a fairly good idea of the manners and etiquette of the later-Vedic age A guest (atithi) was welcomed at all times and special guests, like the guru, the king, and the father-in-law, etc were given special treatment Respect for the elders self- restraint, moral purity, abstinence of all kinds and faithfulness were some of the virtues Cleanliness was a passion Daily bath, washing of the feet and hands every now and then, and purifying the atmosphere with Vedic mantras were a part of ritual when ritualism acquired special significance in the later-Vedic age It became one of the many sources of the development of hierarchy and the supremacy for the Brahmanas
Eating Habits
The main cereal produced by the early Rig-Vedic people was Yava or barley Wheat (Godhuma) appears in later Vedic texts only Yava was also a generic term for various kinds of cereals ilk, Milk products and cattle meat belonged to their food habits Alcoholic / Non-alcoholic drinks were known and common Soma and Sura are two popular liquors Sura may be a kind of beer or wine

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