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05 Jan

The differentiations between Sabha and Samiti

The differentiations between Sabha and Samiti
In the beginning, there was no difference between the Sabha and the Samiti Both were called daughters of Prajapati Both were mobile units led by chiefs who kept moving along with the forces The only difference between Sabha and Samiti seems to be the fact thatSabha performed judicial functions, which the Samiti did not Later, the sabha became a small aristocratic body and samiti ceased to exist
The Gana or the Republic
A Gana was a assembly or troop The leader of the gana is generally called Ganapati
The Parisad
The early parisad seems to be a tribal military assembly,partly, matriarchal and partly patriarchal However, the variety of the references lead to the non-Vedic character of the parisad In later-Vedic period, it tended to become partly an academy and partly a royal council dominated by the priests, who functioned as teachers and advisers

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