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06 Jan

The life became sedentary and the domestication of animals and cultivation increased Cattle were still the currency and principle movable property The idea of private possession of lands started taking shape Ironsmiths, weavers, jewelers, dyers, potters, are the new classes of artisans Trade was also boosted
The Gold piece of specific weight Satamana was used as a currency rate Use of Gold as currency is mentioned in Satapatha Brahman Nishka was another popular currency The other matellic coins were Suvarna and Krishnala Barter system still existed Money lending as a trade was prevalent Money lenders were called Kusidin
The Four Varnas
The society was now divided into 4 varnas viz Brahmans, Kahstriyas, Vaish and Shudras Each of them was assigned its duty The vaishyas were common people who were responsible for producing the agricultural commodities and rearing of the cattle The engaged in trade and were called vaniks Nagara was used for the first time, which meant a city and beginning of town life

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