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06 Jan

The Harappans practiced earth burials whereas the Aryans practiced cremation
Harappan pottery called black or red pottery was wheel made and very distinctive in nature The distinctive Aryan pottery is known as PGW (painted grey ware)
The Harappans were short statured, black in complexion, Aryans were tall, well-built and handsome
The Harappans ate all birds and animals including cow and calf They ate wheat, barley and bread The Aryans preferred Barley, milk and its products, specially ghee or butter and enjoyed Soma drink
Cotton was the basic fabric of the Harappans while the Aryans put on woollen garments
Vedic Sanskrit is the mother of all non-Dravidian languages , Indus script still remains undeciphered
It was quite clear that Indus people were literate whereas the Vedic people were illiterate (In terms of writing) because there is not a single word for writing in any of the Vedic texts

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