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09 Jan


The reasons for development of new religions were as follows:
The economy increasingly changed from pastoral to agro-based and importance of trade increased Vaishyas which had third position in the Varna system provided support to both the new faiths viz Jainsm and Buddhism
The degraded position of shudras and women; rigidity in caste and varna system etc irked the people
The ritual killing of animals for sacrifices was not favoured in new agro based economy
Vedic religion was overloaded by complex rituals, exaggeration, Brahamanic supremacy, superstitions etc Both the new religions challenged the authority of Brahmins
Sanskrit was the language of Vedic religion but it started losing charm Most people spoke Prakrit
Gautam Buddha
The Buddhavamsa mentioned total 29 Buddhas of which 27 preceded Gautam Buddha and Maitreya is future Buddha to come The current Kalpa has five Buddhas viz Kakusandha, Koṇāgamana, Kassapa, Gautama and Maitreya

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