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24 Feb

1. Which of the following leaders would be inaugurating the Kartarpur Corridor check post on 9th November 2019?


2. Which country will be hosting the BRICS Summit 2019?


3. China launched which country’s first-ever satellite recently?


4. Which two state assemblies came together for a special assembly session on November 6?


5. Which among the following states has not been blamed for crop stubble burning, which has majorly caused air pollution in Delhi-NCR?


6. Joint Naval Exercise ‘Samudra Shakti’ was held between India and which country at Visakhapatnam?


7. Which nation has objected the inclusion of Kalapani in the new political map of India?


8. The first BIMSTEC Port Meet has been organized in which city?


9.  The citizens of which among the following countries are not eligible for the OCI card?


10. When is the World Science Day for Peace and Development observed every year?


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