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09 Mar

1. When the English East India Company purchased the village of Madraspatnam?


2. Which are the present state or union territory parts of Madras Presidency?

I) Karnataka

II) Bihar

III) Odisha

IV) Kerala

V) Maharastra

VI) Puducherry

VII) Lakshadweep


3. When was Madras Presidency became Madras Province?


4. When was Madras Province became Madras state?


5. When was Madras Presidency established?


6. Madras Native Association was started in _________.


7. Madras was the first province of British India to implement a system of dyarchy in ________.


8. Madras Presidency summer capital was


9. Madras Mahajana Sabha was started in _________.


10. Who was first president of Madras Presidency?


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