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02 Nov

Indian Navy Frigate Tushil: P1135.6 Class

Indian Navy Frigate Tushil: P1135.6 Class

Recently, the 7th Indian Navy Frigate of P1135.6 class, named Tushil, was launched at Yantar Shipyard, Kaliningrad, Russia.

  • The Indian and Russian governments had in October 2016 signed an agreement to construct four additional P1135.6 class ships — two each in Russia and India.

Key Points

  • Designed and built by Russia for the Indian Navy, the ship is formally named as ‘Tushil’.
    • Tushil is a Sanskrit word meaning Protector Shield.
  • Project 1135.6 is also known as Talwar Class — a class of guided-missile frigates.
    • These are modified Krivak III-class frigates which are also the main basis of the Russian Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate.
    • India has six Talwar class frigates in service.
  • This ship is a potent combination of state-of-art Indian and Russian Weapons and Sensors equipped to operate in Littoral and Blue waters, both as a single unit and as consort in a naval task force.
  • They feature “stealth technology” in terms of low radar and underwater noise signatures.
    • Stealth technology is a low observable technology that makes aircraft, fighter jets, ships, submarines, satellites, missiles etc less visible to radar, infrared, sonar and other detection technologies.
  • It highlights the long standing tradition of Military Technical Cooperation between India and Russia.
  • They will add more power to the Indian Navy operating in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

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