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26 Nov

role of women and women organisation conclusion

With time, a lot has changed since those dark ages for the women. Though some levels like dowry, crimes like rape, sexual harassment at office or public places 72 and molestation, eve-teasing, even after over sixty years of independence women are still exploited, which is the shameful side of our country. Yet one can’t deny that the situation has improved since the earlier times.
Women, who now represent 48.2% of the population, are getting access to education and then employment. From 5.4 million girls enrolled at the primary level in 1950-51 to 61.1 million girls in 2004-05. At the upper primary level, the enrolment increased from 0.5 million girls to 22.7 million girls.
Girl dropout rates have fallen by 16.5% between the year 2000 and 2005. Programs like ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’ and ‘Saakshar Bharat Mission for Female Literacy’ has helped increase the literacy rates from less than 10 percent to more than 50% today. The result of this is that India has world’s largest number of professionally qualified women.
In fact India has the largest population of working women in the world and has more number of doctors, surgeons, scientists, professors than the United States. Women of India slowly started recognizing her true potential. She has started questioning the rules laid down for her by the society. As a result, she has started breaking barriers and earned a respectable position in the world.
Today Indian women have excelled in each and every field from social work to visiting space station. There is no arena, which remains unconquered by Indian women. Whether it is politics, sports, entertainment, literature, technology everywhere, its women power all along.
Today modern woman is so deft and self-sufficient that she can be easily called a superwoman, juggling many fronts single handedly. Women are now fiercely ambitious and are proving their metal not only on the home front, but also in their respective professions.
Women in Indian are coming up in all spheres of life. They are joining the universities and colleges in large numbers. They are entering into all kinds of professions like engineering, medicine, politics, teaching, etc. A nation’s progress and prosperity can be judged by the way it treats its women folk. There is a slow and steady awareness regarding giving the women their dues and not mistreating them, seeing them as objects of possession.
Despite progress; the very fact that women, along with being achievers, also are expected to fulfill their roles as wives or mothers, prioritizing home against anything else. This point of view hasn’t changed much.
There is still a large section of women who are uneducated and married off before the age of 18. Families are required to supply a chaste daughter to the family of her future husband. Also very few women are actually employed in good-paying jobs and hence parents don’t see the point of spending money on girls’ education.
Statistics say that close to 245 million Indian women lack the basic capability to read and write, which is a large number. Only 13.9% women are employed in the urban sector and 29% in the domestic and agriculture sector, where too a majority of women are exploited by the men. The sex ratio of India shows that the Indian society is still prejudiced against female and a lot is yet to be achieved in this context.
The path towards total gender empowerment is full of potholes. Over the years women have made great strides in many areas with notable progress in reducing some gender gaps. Yet realities such as more than 11,000 women and girls getting trafficked every year and increased practice of dowry, rape and sexual harassment hit hard against all the development that has taken place.
Thus, if on one hand women are climbing the ladder of success, on the other hand she is mutely suffering the violence afflicted on her by her own family members. As compared with past women in modern times have achieved a lot but in reality they have to still travel a long way.
Women may have left the secured domains of their home, but a harsh, cruel, exploitative world awaits them, where women have to prove their talent against the world who see women as merely vassals of producing children. The Indian women has to make her way through all the socialized prejudices against her and the men yet have to allow and accept the women to be equal participants in the country’s way forward.

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