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28 Nov

Political Impact of Globalization:

Political Impact of Globalization:
Changing nature of Governance:
Nation – State has undergone transformation from its traditional structure; it has lost some of its traditional meaning. Globalization has led to processes like deterritorialization in which there has been thorough reconfiguration of geography so that social space is no longer wholly mapped in terms of territorial places, territorial distances and borders.
In lieu of benefits of globalization state has surrendered some of its sovereignty critics argue. Emergence of international organizations like IMF, World Bank, etc has led to myriad checks and controls over internal policies of nations. One relevant example is the structural package of IMF which led in first place India to adopt Liberalization, “Privatization and Globalization.
Similarly WTO dictating the amount of subsidies government can provide to its farmers; or amount of import it can lay on the goods being imported are examples that transnational organizations are the new political order in current political system.
Emergence of supranational governance institutions like European Union, Military unions like NATO carrying out anti terrorist operations etc. bear testimony to this fact.
Another dimension of political impact of globalization is increasing role of Non Governmental Organizations; recent spurious activities of International NGOs like Greenpeace, have come under the scanner for their alleged role in impeding the development activities of government. Not only in environmental legislations but in the matters of humanitarian justice organizations like American Justice Centre, Amnesty international have played proactive roles.

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