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02 Dec


India is a world pioneer in space science. But the reach within the local Indian community is obsolete and stagnant. Integration of the extensive advancements of this field with the school going masses is not up to the mark. In order to pick and drop India ahead of all the pioneer countries of this field, awareness must be created in the student
community. Space science is restricted to organizations like the ISRO and so, establishing oneself in this field is very infertile.
India is fastest growing economy in the world today. Along with economic development, there are various other developmental issue too which arises. In the words of Amartya Sen, what India needs today is the development which is humanistic, people centric, inclusive and Sustainable. This kind of development will bring happiness among all and improve upon their choices. Therefore development should be studied and understood not only in term of economy but in terms of aesthetic gratification it provide to human population.

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