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02 Dec


The cultural norms in India keep a check on the feminization of sectors. One of the parameters that denote your family as BPL in Kerala is the presence of a woman run household. They are always regarded as the weaker species irrespective of the post they hold and the authority they command. India needs to focus on the other half of the fairer sex. There are several success stories about women. They human being are growing up. Lend them a hand or stay out of their way. Don’t be a hindrance to the wombs that gave birth to you.
As an example, small-scale industries in Kolkata were found to be contributing some 44% of overall particulate emissions in the central area as they were using coalfired boilers. They were encouraged to convert from coal- to oil-fired boilers and this reduced emissions by 98% from those units that implemented them. With the rising population and demand for fuels rising everyday along with the depletion of common sources, promoting research for new alternatives must be stressed upon.

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