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06 Dec

Community Participation and Citizen Engagement:

Community Participation and Citizen Engagement: Existing Village Health Committees should be transformed into participatory Health Councils.
Gender and Health: There is a need to improve access to health services for women, girls and other vulnerable genders (going beyond maternal and child health).

Access to services: Barriers to access would be recognised and overcome especially for the disadvantaged and people located far from facilities. Medical and public health facilities would be accessible to the disabled. They would be gender sensitive and child friendly. Information on health would be accessible to the visually impaired and to all caregivers; especially to those who look after autistic and mentally challenged persons. Hospitals would have facilities for the hearing impaired. Among marginalised groups, the SC and ST populations and minorities, the doubly disadvantaged such as the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs), the De-notified and Nomadic Tribes, the Musahars and the internally displaced must be given special attention while making provisions for, setting up and renovating Sub-Centres and Anganwadis.

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