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07 Dec


Education is one of the most important sector, that need innovation, corporate participation and government expenditure in key areas like teachers training, monitoring etc. to ensure social empowerment. Education is the most important lever for social, economic and political transformation. A well-educated population, equipped with the relevant knowledge, attitudes and skills is essential for economic and social development in the twenty-first century. Education is the most potent tool for socio economic mobility and a key instrument for building an equitable and just society. Education provides skills and competencies for economic well-being.
Education strengthens democracy by imparting to citizens the tools needed to fully participate in the governance process. Education also acts as an integrative force in society, imparting values that foster social cohesion and national identity.
Conclusion :
This kind of violence make this group more committed, highly organized and more focus toward their goal of achieving equalitarian society based on justice. This is slowly but gradually bringing silent revolution in Indian society.

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