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08 Dec

Characteristics of Communalism

Characteristics of Communalism

  1. Communalism is a philosophical notion.
  2. It is a multifaceted process.
  3. It has a wider base which incorporates social, economic and political aspects for its manifestation.
  4. It causes competition, ferocity and tension among different communities
  5. Communalism is used by the upper class people and elites as advice for separation and mistreatment of the communal identities of the poorer groups of their co-religionists.
    . 6. Communalism is simply planned by opportunistic political and economic interest of contending groups and factions within a political party or by political parties.
  6. Communalism assaults at the roots of egalitarianism, secularism and national amalgamation.
  7. The consequences of Communalism are ruinous

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