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14 Dec

Changes in Life in Mesolithic Era

Changes in Life in Mesolithic Era
Domestication of Plants and Animals
The economy of early period of Mesolithic age was based on hunting, fishing and food gathering
Slowly domesticating crops and animals made their way into human life By 6000 BC, food production became prominent part of Mesolithic life Agriculture had not fully developed by was only a prototype of domestication of crops and animals The earliest evidence of domestication of animals has been provided by Adamagarh in Madhya Pradesh and Bagor in Rajasthan Some examples of earliest cultivation of plants around 7000-6000 years back have been found near Sambhar lake in Ajmer Rajasthan, Mehrgarh in Pakistan etc
The first animals to be domesticated were dog, cattle, sheep and goat and the first plants to be cultivated were wheat and barley This new subsistence economy based on food production had a lasting impact on the evolution of human society and the environmentIn the humid lands, extending from the middle Ganga valley to China and Southeast Asia, rice cultivation and domestication of pig was accomplished probably around the same time because rice and pig existed in wild form in this region The cultivation of yams and taro also took place in this region Domesticated
animals proved to be useful not only for meat but also for milk, hide, agricultural operations, and transport

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