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15 Dec

Important Findings of Dholavira…..

Kot Diji
Kot Diji was a pre-harappan site and located on the left bank of River Sindh This city was destructed by Force or some fire A tar is the major object found here Statues of bull and mother goddess are other things found in Kot diji
Ropar in Punjab was excavated under Y D Sharma There is another siteBara near Ropar, which shows an evidence of the decaying culture of pre harappan era
Mittathal is located in the Bhiwani district of Haryana A terracotta cartwheel has been found Weights of stones have also been found The evidence of residence outside a Citadel have been found in Mittathal The site gives evidences of rise, flourishing and fall of Harappa civilization
Chanhu Daro is situated 130 kms south of Mohenjo-Daro in Sindh and is the only harappan city which does not have a fortified citadel The Chanhu Daro has given evidence of factories of various figurines, seals, toys, bone implements so it has been interpreted that it was a settlement with lots of artisans and was an industrial town
Banawali is located in Hissar district of Haryana High quality barley has been found at Banawali
Alamgirpur is located in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh and is considered to be easternmost boundary of Indus Valley Important findings of Alamgirpur include pottery, plant fossils, animal bones and copper tools

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