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15 Dec

Important Findings of Dholavira

Important Findings of Dholavira
One of the most important findings of Dholavira has been a signboard with Indus Script
Lothal is located in Ahmadabad, Gujarat It was a coastal town {three important coastal towns of IVC are Lothal, Suktagendor and Balakot} and had different type of town planning The city was divided into six sections and each section was built on a wide platform of unripe bricksEntry to the houses were on Main Street while other sites of IVC have lateral entry
Important Findings of Lothal
Important findings of Lothal include an artificial dockyard {which makes it an important sea link}, rice husk {rice husk has been found only at Lothal and Rangpur}, bead making factory etc Lothal is thought to have direct sea trade links with Mesopotamia because of finding of an Iranian seal from there
Suktagendor was located around 55 kms from the shore of Arabian Sea on the Bank of Dasht River near the Iran Border It was an important coastal town along with Lothal and Balakot (in Pakistan) and is considered to be the western border of Indus Valley Civilization It was originally a port and later cut off from the sea due to coastal upliftment The conclusion has been drawn up that Suktagendor had trade relationships with Babylon

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