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16 Dec

Life at Indus Valley Civilization…

The economy was based upon agriculture as well as trade Commerce was important and there were links from overseas places
The agriculture was in flourishing condition which was due to timely and good rains They sowed many crops including the rice, wheat, cotton, barley etc Other crops were dates, melon, pea etc
Predominantly Rainfed Crops as Irrigation was based upon the rainwater but also the sources of irrigations were available Wheat and barley were the most important Harappan Crops
In Harappa, 3 principle varieties of Wheat were sown; three varieties of barleys were also sown The
cultivation of lentils, mustard, linseed, Sesamum has been found The Finger millet, Ragi, Bajra, Jawar were cultivated and it seems that they diffused from Africa
Animal Husbandry
The humped bull was domesticated animal, other were buffalo, pigs, elephants, donkeys, goats and sheep’s Only Surkotada has given an evidence of domestication of Horse Generally Horse is absent in the civilization
The goats, cows and Sheep were commonly domesticated in the mature harappan phase but the evidences of Buffalo have not been found in that much quantity

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