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17 Dec

Tibet Home Theory

Tibet Home Theory
In Satyarth Prakash, Swami Dayanand Saraswati propounded that the original home of the Aryans was Tibet Logic given was that sun and fire was worshipped in Tibet due to extreme cold; and the flora and fauna mentioned in Rig-Veda were found in Tibet This theory was bought by only a few, however, Nazis took is seriously and sent an expedition to Tibet to get some clues
Arctic Home Theory
Lokmanya Tilak in his book “The Arctic Home in the Vedas” propounded that North Pole was the original home of Aryans during pre-glacial period He used Vedic hymns, Avestic passages, Vedic chronology and Vedic calendars and compared them with the geological, astronomical, and archaeological evidences to to conclude that the primordial cradle of the Aryan race was North Pole, before the changed climatic conditions forced them to move southward into present-day Europe, Iran, and India
Analyzing the Revisionist Arguments
Though there have been considerable evidences that Aryans were migrants, yet an aggressive campaign of revisionism launched by some writers that Indian Civilization is purely Indian First argument towards this is that Indus Valley Civilization and Vedic Aryan Culture are one and same; and it was in fact theSaraswati Culture as evident from settlements discovered along or in the direction of now dried up Saraswati River However, this argument countered on the basis that nowhere in the Rig-Vedic texts there is a mention of cities of Indus or Saraswati In fact, the Indus Valley Culture came into light only in 19th century and it was not even recognized in India until then
Second argument is that the Vedic books don’t discuss any of the foreign lands of west, neither Iran nor Central Asia not Afghanistan from where the Aryans are supposed to come However, this argument is countered that the texts have obliquely given reference to the places, rivers, animals, etc of that land

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