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17 Dec

Archaeological Evidences

Archaeological Evidences
As mentioned above, there are not many archaeological evidences to clearly prove the migration of Aryans However, there are three documents which contain references to Aryan names Interestingly, none of these comes from Iran or Afghanistan or Central Asia but from Mesopotamia
Firstly, in the documents of the Kassite rulers of Babylon (c 1750 BC–1170 BC) there is reference of two gods’ viz
Suriya (sun god) and Marutta (god of war) and a King called Abiratta (Abhiratha)
Secondly, there was a Mittani Kingdom in the North-West of Babylon in 1500 to 1300BC in which some documents list the names of princes and noblemen Some of them are Indrota (Indra), Sauksatra, Purusa etc
Thirdly, the most important evidence comes from the Boghazkoi tablet inscription found in eastern Turkey These inscriptions record the details of a treaty signed in around 1350BC between the losers Mittani and victors Hitties Both the sides have listed their Gods The Gods of Mittani are Indra, Varuna, Nasatya etc which are clearly Rig-Vedic In Rig-Veda, these Gods have been assigned the task of overseeing the treaties

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